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Safety procedures in place BEFORE & UPON arrival:


  • All Karting is to be Pre-Booked.
  • You are permitted to bring your own Crash Helmets (must be Full-Faced) and Overalls.
  • Bring an Umbrella with you just in case.
  • Before you arrive, All rooms including toilets will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.


Please only enter the building via the front entrance. You will be asked to wait outside the main Reception Entrance next to the podium on the doorstep. We then have 2-metre distancing signs on the fence. Please make sure you socially distance yourself 2 metres from others not in your household. Only 1 person will be allowed to approach the reception (or 2 if in the same household).

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at Reception before use of the Card Terminal for Payments above the Contactless Limit.
  • All members of your group are to Sanitise their hands on entering the building.
  • All members of your group will be provided with a Sanitised Balaclava and Gloves on entry. Balaclavas are to be worn as a face covering when in the Building.
  • All members of your group will be spoken to about our procedures whilst on site. All rules must be adhered to or you may be asked to leave.
  • Hand Sanitiser is always available throughout the building, please use it.
  • A separate toilet has been allocated for customers only. Please sanitise your hands before entering the toilet & wash your hands thoroughly before leaving. The toilets will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • All equipment will be sanitised in our Ozone Cabinet, giving you peace of mind that we are taking your safety seriously.
  • Any first aid assistance required will be attended by an appointed First aider wearing a Protective PPE face mask and gloves.


  • Our new Ozone cabinet sanitises 20 helmets or up to 30 race suits per cycle.
  • 20 minute cycle time.
  • Laboratory-certified effectiveness specific to this machine.
  • Plug and Play.


The action of Ozone on viruses is not that of destruction, but of an inactivation; the action consists of an oxidation and inactivation of the receptors that specific viruses use when linking with the cell wall under attack.

  • SAFE: Using is natural power, Ozone is not abrasive, flammable and explosive. It does not damage clothing, helmets, equipments, people, animals or the environment.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Ozone works perfectly with no use of additive and chemical detergents, just natural oxidising power.
  • EFFICIENT: Ozone deactivates viruses and 99% of bacterias, yeasts, moulds, acaris and pollen.
  • CERTIFIED: CE and Harmonized standards.